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Travel/Gift Bag

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10.00 Ounces
$5.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

VH Products Travel/Gift bag (made with natural Hemp fabric) includes:

Fresh Body Cleanse---Very moisturizing while cleaning your skin.

Green Sugar Face/Body Scrub---Exfoliates, Cleans and Moisturizes all in one

Essential Day Cream--- Cleaning and Moisturizing. No need to wash your face, just wipe off with a wet cloth and apply morning and evening retaining the natural moisture in your skin. Very healing for skin problems, cuts, sun damage, sores, etc.

Essential Night Cream---Just remove with water or wet wash cloth. It’s very moisturizing. Also lightly tightens skin

Body Lotion---The essential oils in this lotion are very hydrating without making your skin sticky or greasy.

Clean 'em Up Tooth Powder---Very healing for your gums and teeth. Use the white scoop included to put a small amount on your hand, wet your tooth brush, scoop the powder up and brush. Never put the wet tooth brush into the container.

Bamboo toothbrush  It’s recyclable and has charcoal inner bristles to help whiten teeth.

Bath Oil----So moisturizing!

Lip Rescue---Winter or Summer, our lips can suffer. Our customers love Lip Rescue!